Asphalt Shingles


Your home is likely your biggest investment, and you want to make sure that it’s protected by a sturdy roof. Asphalt shingles offer the protection you need while also providing a unique, eye-catching style.

You can trust Lone Star Homes Roofing Systems to deliver quality asphalt shingle roofs. We use products from top manufacturers in the region, so you can count on us to deliver quality workmanship and materials that will last. Our team of experts is ready to help with all your roofing needs!

Our asphalt shingle roofs are built to last, and our professional installation services ensure you rest comfortably without worrying about your safety or your roof’s durability. Our team is fully licensed and insured, so your home is always protected during the process of new roof installation.

If you’re looking for a beautiful new roof that’ll stand up to all kinds of weather conditions, then look no further than Lone Star Homes Roofing Systems!

Call us today and protect your home with an asphalt shingle roof!