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Lone Star Homes Roofing Systems’ Commitment to Our Roofing Customers

We want to make EL Paso Lone Star Homes Roofing Systems your roof repair and roofing contractor of choice. You are in assurance that we will
work to satisfy your homes roofing needs and will perform quality work every time.

1. Let us know you would like to use our services and will schedule you in our first available opening.

2. We will work with you the home owner to secure your insurance claim and set up your roof replacement with your insurance.

3. We will provide you with a professional estimate for roof repairs or re-roofing and make sure you understand it completely.

4. We will set up your date on our calendar and work in a timely manor to complete your roofing replacement or roof repair job.

5. We are committed to ensuring you are satisfied the roofing work and the service that we provide. We work to make sure that you the home owner is satisfied and happy with the work performed.

6. We would like to work to get a verbal agreement today and work you in our schedule to start the Roofing process.

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Lone Star Homes Roofing Systems

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